Hexopay Limited is a global leading payments company specifically focused on gambling and managed risk sectors.  We operate secure 2nd generation proprietary technology platform that enable operators to accept local payment options, over multiple channels anywhere in the world. Our leading technology allows operators to connect seamlessly to global payment solutions.

We specialise in Gambling and Managed Risk sectors because we know how to manage payment risk, developing leading solutions to make payments easier. Though what we really do is connect people, we connect buyers and sellers enabling them to interact with each other seamlessly and on a truly global scale.

Today’s money not only is transacted globally and at high speed, It holds valuable data about times, locations, and business usage. This data allows us to develop an understanding that ensures our customers make the right decisions to better shape their operations.

What would happen if you put together the best payment and gaming experts in the market?

Hexopay was created to do just that!

The platform was created by payment software professionals having over 17 years experience. In 2013 the platform was established to focus on the managed risk sector, connecting into many European and CIS banks. Over the next two years the platform had over 300 merchants operating on it and over 20 integrations.

In 2017 Hexopay was created to focus purely on the gaming and managed risk sector, taking the gateway to the next level. Today, the gateway has multiple acquiring banking connections, an extensive network of local alternative payment solutions, a host of Risk and Fraud solutions, global banking partners and above all rich functionality and features which significantly add value to your payment processing.

Invitation to Tender

Hexopay are entering an exciting phase of development and are looking to drive forward some exciting new features and capabilities of this 3rd generation platform.

Hexopay are an online payment gateway offering connections to multiple acquiring banks and alternative payment solutions across the world. The hypersonic gateway is a platform designed for bank card payments processing and alternative payment methods. It is a proprietary platform which was established in 2013. The platform has been built in English and Russian language and has extensively been developed further to focus on the managed risk market. Hexopay are planning a development to further expand this solution and will be identifying a company to complete this work

The main goal of the Hexopay development and technical development project is to calculate the development time, capabilities and infrastructure as well as costs for planning the development and achieving the business goals of Hexopay.
Hexopay requirements for the future capabilities of the payment platform are based on the business requirements of their merchants: modern tools for payment accepting; critical reports for business monitoring, convenient dashboards with key widgets providing real-time data, processing 1000 TPS, system uptime at 99.999% etc.

As part of the growth plan, Hexopay will also require unique platform R & D developments consulted work. This is to build out functionality, features and benefits for customers to enable to improve their day to day tasks.
Hexopay are looking to appoint a company to lead in the highlighted above. 

Full details of Hexopay’s requirements are provided in tender documentation which will be issued to interested parties wishing to tender.  Should you wish to express an interest in tendering and receive a copy of the tender documentation then please email  [email protected] 

Contract Start Date: End of October 2018

Expression of Interest Deadline: Friday 19th October 2018

Tender Submission Deadline: Friday 26th October 2018