1. Customer Support Services

Hexopay will provide the following Customer Support Services:

  • Customer Service Help Desk – see Section 2.
  • A dedicated Account Manager to assist with non-technical and commercial queries.
  • Access to the Online Transaction Manager.
  • Timely availability of any ad hoc service and/or software upgrades.

Hexopay will use reasonable endeavours to maintain system availability for the provision Services, with a target availability of 99.999% on our Payment Pages integration method and a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% on our Hexopay API integration methods.

2. Help Desk

Customer Service Help Desk: 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) – any support or integration queries. Outside these hours and bank holidays, emergency system support only.

Hexopay will provide Help Desk services to respond to customer service and technical questions and enquiries. The staff will be knowledgeable personnel with appropriate technical and communication skills. They will aim to assist in resolving Product or Service issues and to impart necessary relevant technical knowledge or understanding related to any Hexopay Service.

Such personnel shall be contactable via the appropriate Telephone and fax numbers and via mail and e-mail.

The appropriate contact details for all Help Desk communication are as follows:

E-mail:[email protected]

The following information will be required when reporting an incident to the Help Desk:

  • Hexopay Transaction UID reference no.
  • Authorised person’s contact name.
  • Short Description of the nature of the problem.
  • Email address (if incident not reported via email) and customer contact telephone number.

Hexopay will provide the merchant with a unique case reference number and a classification and estimated resolution time based on the Incident Severity Level Table detailed below. This will be communicated via our on-line reporting facility.

The following information will be needed when a status update is required on any previously reported incident: Hexopay site reference no., and the relevant case reference number.

Upon the successful resolution of the incident, Hexopay will notify the merchant via e-mail, and the case will be closed.

3. Faults, Priorities and Responses

For the purpose of prioritising and escalating Hexopay faults, faults will be categorised as either Critical, Serious, Degraded or Minimal.

Incident Severity Level Table

Level 1
The Services are at a standstill. The Hexopay Payments System or all Payment Gateways utilised for a particular acquirer or Customer are unavailable.
Level 2
The Services are significantly impaired and key business processes, such as transaction authorisations cannot be conducted without significant delay, but payment systems are available.
Level 3
Live Payment services such as settlement processing, cannot be carried out without significant delay, but all systems are operational.
Level 4
Integration and test system issues, minor incidents and enquiries.

The target time for Hexopay to respond to all faults is outlined below, the target time being from fault notification. Hexopay will update the Customer at the target interval indicated until a solution is found.

ClassificationStep 1 – Identify SourceStep 2 – Temporary FixStep 3 – Fix
Level 1
30 minutesImmediate and continuing best efforts but in no event more than 2 hours (on a 24×7 basis)Within 1 calendar day
Level 2
60 minutes4 hours (on a 24×7 basis)Within 2 calendar days
Level 3
5 hours1 calendar day (on a 24×7) basisWithin 3 calendar days
Level 4
1 business dayOn a time available basisAs appropriate

The following shall define the actions to be taken per the problem’s assigned level:

  • Step 1 represents the acknowledgment of the problem and the beginning of the information gathering process. Hexopay will notify the merchant on identification of the problem if a case has not already been reported and classified.
  • Step 2 represents the target time frame during which the problem is being actively addressed and a temporary patch, correction, or workaround is provided. The goal will be to provide a fix or a work-around for a problem as soon as possible. Critical problems will be worked on continually until a satisfactory problem resolution can be reached.
  • Step 3 represents the target time within which a permanent solution will be available which meets Hexopay’s quality standards.

In addition it is emphasised that any security related fault that is bought to the attention of Hexopay will be prioritised as critical.

4. Escalation

Incident Escalation
Incidents reported to Hexopay Help Desk will be escalated in line with the details below. Hexopay management will be made aware of issues according to the below timeframes. Elapsed time represents the number of clock hours that have passed since the issue was first classified by Hexopay. Resolution is deemed to have been achieved if a temporary fix is created.

Hexopay Support Manager – if incident is not resolved within target time.

General Manager – if Level 1 or 2 are not resolved within 1hr of target resolution time, Level 3 within 6hrs of target resolution time.

Chief Technical Officer – If Level 1 or 2 and not resolved within 2hrs of target time, Level 3 within 12hrs of transaction time.

5. Service Credits

The Hexopay target system availability is:

Hexopay API and Hexopay Web Services – 99.999%
Hexopay Payment Pages – 99.999%.

If the Hexopay network availability is less than that shown above per acquirer for the Customer in any one calendar month a service credit will be given for each full hour of downtime above the SLA target.

This is equivalent to 1.8 hours a month per merchant site reference, based on a calendar month of 30 days.

The Service Credit shall be 1.5% of the total fee for transactions processed during that calendar month. The maximum limit for service credits shall be 15% of the total fee for transactions processed during that calendar month.

Scheduled outage for system maintenance previously communicated to the Customer is not to be included in the above determination of system availability for the calculation of service credits.

6. General Disclaimer

As Hexopay does not control the availability of Acquirer, Merchant ISPs or your networks, the System will not be deemed unavailable if the source of the problem lies with the networks controlled by these entities.

Once Hexopay has been made aware of a problem relating to its system, the burden of proof as to where the problem occurs lies with Hexopay. Hexopay will take all commercially reasonable efforts to find a speedy resolution of any problems. In the event a Third Party is responsible, Hexopay will communicate such information as it has available to the merchant.

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