Please ensure that when boarding with Hexopay,  you provide ALL of the listed item below as failure to provide any of this may result in a delayed or rejected application.

We will require a full KYC pack (listed in section 1) for the applicant company and for all other companies in the corporate structure we will require Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Associated and shareholder ownership where relevant.  

The below requirements represent the standard KYC we will request to start boarding.  Further KYC may be requested depending on sector, location or to provide further information as a result of the documents provided.

Required Documents:                                            

  1. Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. Articles/Memorandum of Association.
  3. Confirmation of company registered address (active).
  4. Company Bank Statement
  5. Company structure chart
  6. Document confirming shareholders/UBO (share certificates may be requested)
  7. Document confirming directors
  8. Previous acquirer statements (financial accounts may be requested or projected volumes for start up companies)
  9. Operating licence (where required)
  10. AML/KYC Policy
  11. Photo ID for all Directors/Shareholders
  12. Proof of address for all Directors/Shareholders

Upon application, all merchants will be sent links to KYC and KYB requirements and a link to the online application.