Hexopay Limited is a global leading payments company specifically focused on gambling and managed risk sectors.  We operate secure 2nd generation proprietary technology platform that enable operators to accept local payment options, over multiple channels anywhere in the world. Our leading technology allows operators to connect seamlessly to global payment solutions.

We specialise in Gambling and Managed Risk sectors because we know how to manage payment risk, developing leading solutions to make payments easier. Though what we really do is connect people, we connect buyers and sellers enabling them to interact with each other seamlessly and on a truly global scale.

Today’s money not only is transacted globally and at high speed, It holds valuable data about times, locations, and business usage. This data allows us to develop an understanding that ensures our customers make the right decisions to better shape their operations.

What would happen if you put together the best payment and gaming experts in the market?

Hexopay was created to do just that!

The platform was created by payment software professionals having over 17 years experience. In 2013 the platform was established to focus on the managed risk sector, connecting into many European and CIS banks. Over the next two years the platform had over 300 merchants operating on it and over 20 integrations.

In 2017 Hexopay was created to focus purely on the gaming and managed risk sector, taking the gateway to the next level. Today, the gateway has multiple acquiring banking connections, an extensive network of local alternative payment solutions, a host of Risk and Fraud solutions, global banking partners and above all rich functionality and features which significantly add value to your payment processing.


Bryan Blake

Chief Executive & Founder

Ronan Smith

Director of Relationship Management

Andy Coyne

Operations Director

Mark Watkins

Relationship Director

Ben Snook

Sales Support Manager

Derek Wilde

Senior Onboarding Manager

Dan Wilson

Onboarding Manager

Anth McMaster

Partnerships Manager


Andy Jones


Michael Caselli


Eric Benz

Cryptocurrency Advisor

Simon Collins


Robin Le Prevost





Our goal is to be the most innovative leading payments platform for our customers with specific sector expertise. We do this by our following values;

  • Work beyond the normal – being innovative and creative nurture brilliant solutions with amazing results.
  • Be the expert – Understand the sectors we work within, build unrivalled processes, services and creative solutions with our customer’s best interests in mind.
  • Our Passion – We are passionate about what we do, we live and breathe payments and are committed to our customers and employees.
  • Integrity – Taking ownership and been transparent with our customers and colleagues ensures our relationships are long lasting, profitable and a partnership all parties believe in.


To lead the way in supporting our global gambling and managed risk operators, providing solutions and functionality they require to efficiently run their day to day operations and maximise their growth potential.

The ability to have a payments platform which not only is specifically built around the gambling sector, but manages all channels, and directly connects you to a global network of local payment solutions fit for your specific market. Hexopay offers the capability to; add new customer payment methods and other 3rd party service providers, define and implement rules and workflows to utilise them efficiently, define real-time customer communications and messaging methodologies, and monitor the entire system to ensure that all components are fully optimised. All whilst being fully PCI DSS Level 1 compliant & E-money licensed.


“Shape the future of processing gambling and managed risk payments by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our operators, employees, shareholders and ecosystem partners.”

Our mission is to be the payment service partner of choice for gambling and managed risk sectors. Providing a global payments platform distinguished from competition by our sophisticated interfaces, scalability and ease of modification that are extensively patented. Deliver a global payments network securely.

Your reputation is everything, and we will stand by ours.


Hexopay will grow economic value for shareholders by providing a leading payments infrastructure and value added services to organisations specifically in gambling and managed risk sectors, though can fully support a wider range of sectors such as financial services, public sector, retail, transport and telecoms.

Our reputation and success is directly linked to our vast experience and unrivalled honesty, integrity, respect and non-discrimination are fundamental to our relationship capability in providing our operators with the most advanced solutions available.

We build our relationships on Honesty, integrity and Respect.


Increase market value through innovation, organic growth and transparent partnerships. Provide our stakeholders with the tools they require to make informed business decisions.


Our employees are everything, without innovate minds and personal integrity we would not stand out from our competitors. We nurture an environment where our employees can grow and be a part of our success story.


Providing what our operators require to-make their day to day processors more streamlined is our sole focus. We will forge our name with our operators and our competitors by ensuring our innovation, quality, secure high system resilience and our integrity is what we are known for.

From our paperless on boarding process, developer friendly API integrations, real-time data dashboards, and a truly global payments network.

We make it possible to:

  • Reach new markets and increase potential revenues
  • Maximise transaction acceptance and increase player conversions.
  • Reduce treasury associated costs.
  • Provide a partnership approach to support informed payment decisions.
  • Gives you back the focus to grow your business and know your payments are in the hands of the experts.