Operators  are provided with merchant accounts which provide the connection between the acquiring bank and Hexopay’s gateway. Hexopay differentiates between traditional cards and the evolving range of alternative payment methods. Hexopay therefore delivers payment solutions with cards payment platform already incorporated and supports multiple acquiring banks and alternative payment options such as e-Wallets, Real-Time Bank Transfers and Offline Bank Transfers as well as prepaid/voucher based solutions – all easily accessed via HTTPS Internet with synchronous response.

Merchants receive the benefit of rich and specific information as each terminal opened on the gateway and associated with the merchant account effectively supports business and resource management:

User differentiation and customisation of access rights

Advanced traffic shaping and dispatching

Multiple customisable fields and functionalities; such as customer name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, email address and full payment details.

Per terminal configuration with a number of anti-fraud scrubbing features depending on the 

Various payment models