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Revolutionising Payments, Creating Seamless Transactions Powered by 3rd Generation Technology

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The Hexopay Hypersonic Gateway

World Leading Payment Solutions powered by 3rd generation technology

Hexopay helps merchants integrate with payment solutions worldwide. Our single, agile API can connect merchants in as little as 1 hour by utilising our advanced payment gateway.

Connecting via our gateway gives merchants one point of connectivity, enabling them to accept payments from anywhere in the world through various payment solutions at no additional cost.

One Platform

Hexopay provides a data-driven payments platform enabling enterprise merchants to connect with multiple payment and technology providers and intelligently route transactions through the entire payment process.

Global Reach

Helping merchants grow and connect with customers anywhere

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Payment Solutions

Connect to the most popular payment solutions through one API

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Risk and Fraud Protection - HexProtect

Defending merchants from online payment fraud and risks

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Hexopay Hypersonic Gateway

Connect to your future through a single, intuitive integration

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